The sander-molder for edge moldings TL3FL is a machine for great productions, that to a great extent reduces the working times for not having to mold and sand in different machines with the consequent time and cost saving.

The machine’s drag is generated by two transport belts ( superior and inferior ). both with traction, adjustable to the width, for the stable fixation of the pieces, which maintain a continuous advance, without pulls, and can be regulated electronically according to the working conditions. Additionally it has two auxiliary tables, one supplementary, which can be unfolded manually to the position that interests for long pieces or pieces of great size, and another table of entrance that allows the introduction of narrow pieces to the transport.

The work groups are three:

The first one is a milling group, with regulation of is revolutions, of high power, for molding the profile.

As for the second and the third, they are two independent sanding groups, where two different grits of sandpaper can be mounted to obtain an optimal finish, and v/here the revolutions can be regulated to sand as well crude materials as materials with the first layer of varnish or lacquer due to the high accuracy which the equipment has (0.01 mm).

Features of our TL3FL sanding machine:

  • Allows moulding and sanding at the same time.
  • Sanding with different grits simultaneously.
  • Double transport belt.
  • All speed controls are electronically adjustable.
  • All the teams work independently.
  • Sanding of varnishes and laquers.
  • Sands as well big as narrow pieces.
  • High precision.

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