The new profile sander L1HCC is a universal machine that serves equally for large and small businesses due to its multiples possibilities.

It goes provided of a belt sander team with a contact-cylinder for the sanding of straight edges. On this same team, dismantling the contact- cylinder, we can incorporate any type of sanding tool, since this gets mounted directly on the axis of the motor. Therefore one can sand as well with a sanding tool as with brushes or any other type of tool, offering a great working capacity on the same machine.

On this machine the fence is fixed and the moving part is the team in all directions, inclining up to 90 degrees which allows the sanding of any profile. Besides it has a supplement table of quick assembly to facilitate the sanding of curved pieces.

The readjustment of the position is simple since on the displacements there are mounted numerical indicators that allow an easy and very precise (0.01 mm) reading.

The machine is provided with a support to be able to incorporate a feeder of pieces to thus transform the manual work in automatic.

In order to sand varnished or lacquered pieces onecan add an electric team with speed inverter in order to control the tool’s revolutions (optional).

Features of our L1HCC sanding machine:

  •  Allows the sanding of all profiles.
  • Sanding with sanding belt, tool or brush.
  • Inclinable up to 90 degrees.
  • Possibility of putting automatic feeder.
  • Sanding of curved pieces.
  • Posibility of putting electronic speed inverter for sanding varnishes and laquers.
  • High precision.

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