• Interchangeable and replaceable abrasive discs.
  • Because of its constant form, our wheels allow accurate sanding of profiles.
  • High Performance 3.000 m. (10.000 ft)
  • Minimum change time. Less than 30 seconds.
  • Sanding of wood. Varnishes and lacquers.
  • Due to the high precision with which the tool is manufactured, it respects even tiniest edges on the molded profiles.

Advantages of using our sanding tools

  • Constant diameter, which enable constant feeding speed of the pieces to be sanded (production calculation).
  • Constant profile: it is not necessary to readjust when the sanding paper is changed.
  • eal for CNC machines.
  • Long duration of a replaceable disc between 10.000 ft to 18.000 ft (3.000 meters to 5.000 meters), depending on the tool diameter and the material to be sanded.
  • Change of the replaceable disc in less than 30 seconds.
  • Bore of tool adapted to the spindle diameter of your machine.
  • Diameter of tool adapted to your requirements with a maximum of 200 mm. (Maximun revolutions of 2000 r.p.m., depending on tool diameter).

Depending on the type of wood, grains supply the following finish:

  •  Soft wood: pine, birch, alder, according to the quality of the cut. the humidity and the resin, it is advisable to use 60 to 150.
  • Hard wood: Oak; chestnut tree, beech tree, tropical wood: 100 to 180.
  • Fibro board and veneer: 120 to 220.
  • Conditioned surfaces: 220 to 500.

(To be determined by the customer after corresponding try-outs) a in some cases is necessary to control the number of revolutions of the tool.