Sanding tools


The tools are integrated by:

  • A laminated aluminium disc with the hole according to the shaft of the machine. fresa09On this, by a vulcanized system providing great stability, the counter mould to be sanded is adhered, built in a composition of rubber whose strength and flexibility is thoroughly tested and proven.
  • On this base disc the replaceable sanding disc is incorporated, made in plastic covered with abrasive paper with corresponding profile and the abrasive grit suitable to the needs of the desired finish.
  • Last part is the fastener for the sanding disc. All of these pieces make our sanding tool with replaceable sanding discs.



To produce the tools we need three 30cm long and unsanded pieces showing your profile. If possible at least one of the pieces should be of MDF for being this more stable than wood in order to avoid deformations of the pieces received.

Also you hherramienta09ave to indicate us necessary information as the tool’s diameter, the bore diameter, if it was a tool for CNC the diameter and length of the tool’s pin, the machine’s rpm, etc.

After receiving the samples at the technical department v/e design your tool from a digitalized image of the profile. Then all the necessary processes are send to the different production units, maintaining a computerized control of these processes as well as of the product´s quality.

Our production staff mechanizes the pieces using machines of the most sophisticated state-of-the-art technology to obtain the precision required for our products.fresa06

During the whole process of fabrication we realize several quality controls being the last step testing the tool and samples made of the wood the client sands, simulating the client´s working conditions, thus verifying the perfect adaptation of the tool to the profile and the finish of pieces.

See the technical specifications of our sanding tools.