Sanding brushes


Our sanding brushes allow working every profile giving an outstanding performance even sanding varnish and lacquer.Following our general orientation towards the needs of our clients, we manufacture the brushes adapting them to the specifications needed for his machine.

By the assembling mode we can make different types of sanding brushes with different length of bristles, width, diameter, type of cut of the sanding papers, and the grit of finishing.

According to the type of profile required to sand we offer the brushes with the fibre and sanding media of different lengths:

  • 50 mm. used for low profiles or works where aggressiveness is required.
  • 65 mm. used for mouldings not too deep.
  • 100 mm. used in sanding moulding and deep profiles.

The sandpaper is cut to 7 or 14 mm wide strips. There are two types of cut:

  • Straight, for low profiles.
  • Zig-zag, for complicated profiles.

 See the technical specifications of our brushes sanding.