The panel sander and trimmer TL5 is a bilateral machine for the sanding of veneered panels and for cutting the beard (leftover of veneer), on two sides: for the work of large productions.

It is a machine of 10 teams (5 on every side) of which the first team is a copier-trimmer for eliminating the surpluses of the veneer on one or two faces of the profile, the remaining four are copier-sander teams, two for the lower face of the panel and two for the top face, in case of panels of only one face there is the possibility of sanding with four tools.

Characteristics of our DOUBLE TL5 sanding machine:

All the teams are copiers so there can be introduced formed panels (chapel, arch. etc.).

  • The teams are of great precision in their adjustment, are mounted on linear guides of great precision and ball screws.
  • The sanding tools are of high sensibility to obtain the maximum adaptation of the sandpaper to the figure for which a very high performance is obtained.
  • The opening of the machine, the adjustments of the transport in width of piece, the revolutions of the motors, the speed of advance, etc. are adjustable electronically and have numerical indicators to index the positions to the pieces.